Workshop in drama and theatre to support unemplyeded persons to take the first step closer to a job.

Ung Scen Norr in one of the partners in the Erasmusproject  ”Fake It Till You Make It” since 2017. This project has further developed the Spot On-method earlier developed by Ung Scen Norr. Other partnerorganisations are from Italy, England and Spain. The “Fake It Till You Make It” method is put up as a workshop where drama and theatre empowers those who are far from the labourmaket. The workshop end with a performance based on participants own stories.

In December a first pilot was done with a group of participants from Sunderby Folkhögskola. During four days at Norrbottensteatern participants worked with drama and theatre exercises, they visited different departments at the theatre and they got familiar with processes within the theatre. Towards the end of the workshop participants rehearsed and perfomed their own show. “-It has been really funny. Imagine that we dared to do this, the whole group but also as individuals. We are starting up a social enterprise and the experiences from this workshop helps us to know each other better” says Anna Rönnlund from Luleå. On the question to what the workshop has given her personally she answers: ”I´ve learnt more about myself and that one actually can manage so much more than you think before doing something like this. I bring with me strength and selfconfidence, I´m good enough and that´s enough!

On the 28:th of April a final conference for the project is held at Hotel Savoy in Luleå. Partnerorganisations from Europe are there and want to share their experiences after having worked with the method:

Ung Scen Norr, Inova Consultancy (En), L’Albero (It), Materahub (It) och APEM/Arbetsförmedlingen Madrid (Sp)

More information about  project:
Maja Alasalmi, producer, Ung Scen Norr.