Great participation and good atmosphere in the presentation of Fakeitmakeit Guidebook in Madrid

The 7th of June took place in Madrid a Multiplier event to present the Fakeitmakeit Facilitator’s Guidebook. The event was held at one of the training centres of the Madrid Employment Agency (APEM), one of the partners in the Erasmus+ project Fake it tiill you make it.

The APEM General Manager, Belén García, inaugurated the event welcoming the attendees, who were, basically, theater trainers, social organizations, employment professionals from Madrid and other municipalities of Spain, former participants in the Fake it pilot workshops, and staff from the Employment Agency of Madrid.

In addition to the presentation of the Guidebook, the attendees participated in three workshops to experience the Fake it methodology and to exchange ideas about the implementation of this methodology in their organizations

Finally, it should be emphasized that the event has by far surpassed the early expectations, both in the great participation of attendees who were very enthusiastic, and in the huge interest shown by them in the Guidebook but specially, in this innovative methodology.