How theatre can bring unemployed people closer to a job

Ung Scen Norr has been part of an Erasmus+ project “Fake It Till You Make It-Building your employability skills through theatre” since 2017. This project has further developed a method from Ung Scen Norr called “Spot-On!”.

Partners in this transnational project come from Italy, United Kingdom and Spain. The new method is called “Fake It Till You Make It” and is a workshop that strengthens those who are far from the labour market. The workshop  uses drama and theatre and finishes with a performance done by the participants based on their own lifestories.

The project finishes in September, but already now we can present the results: -“We´re happy that the unemployment agency in Madrid is interested in this method, hopefully they can use it in their activities in the future” says Mervi Jaako, dramatecher at Ung Scen Norr/Norrbottensteatern.

A pilot study has been made in December 2018 with participants from Sunderbyns Folkhögskola. Thw participans got to do drama and theatre excercises at Norrbottensteatern. One of the participants was Anna Rönnlund from Luleå:
”I´ve learned a lot about myself and that one can do so much more than one thinks before. I take with me strength and selfconfidence! I´m good enough and what I can acchieve is more than enough”, she answers on the question about what she learned from the workshop.

The final conference of the ”Fake It Till You Make It” project is held at Savoy Hotell in Luleå. Ung Scen Norr and the partnerorganisations; Inova Consultancy from United Kingdom, L’Albero and Materahub from Italy and APEM/the Employment Agency of Madrid in Spain will share their experiences about having worked with this method.

More information about the project

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