AE Madrid Spain
Agencia para el Empleo de Madrid is an Authorized Placement Agency.
In coordination with the Public Employment Services, we provide companies and unemployed people with a better service, always free, specialized and personalized.

We help unemployed people to enter the labor market and we facilitate companies to search for personnel.

INOVA Consultancy U.K.
Inova Consultancy provides a flexible consultancy service that responds to the needs of organisations and individuals internationally in the area of diversity, equal opportunities and entrepreneurship.

L’Albero Italy
L’Albero is an artistic collective: directors, actors, musicians, pedagogues that produce shows and carry out projects of broad cultural scope, constantly confronting with their community of belonging, with other professionals working in extra-regional and with people (children, teenagers and adults) who they grow and live in its artistic and formative paths, thus finding the added value in the other.

Materahub Italy
Materahub is a consortium that works at the international level to supports enterprises, startups and aspiring entrepreneurs, institutions and organizations through european projects. Materahub is partner of many international projects. For years Materahub has been an intermediary organization in the South of Italy of the European programme ERASMUS+ for young entrepreneurs, it is also the italian host of the Creative Business Cup, the most important international competition for the creative industries.

Norrbottensteater Sweden
Norrbottensteatern is Sweden’s first county theater and the whole of the county’s theater. Norrbotten County Council and LuleĆ„ Municipality annually provide the Norrbotten Theater with the task of producing professional, high-quality performing arts for children, young people and adults, and giving performances both on the three stages of the theater house in LuleĆ„ and on tour in the municipalities of the county’s 14.