There are things we can do because we do them every day: laughing, crying, being happy or angry. There are actions that we are used to perform even without thinking of them: driving, walking, going upstairs or downstairs, cooking, brushing our teeth.
But, if someone tells us to mimic these movements or to try to copy these moods, then we realize how difficult is to show the same things that naturally we do in our everyday life.

Beyond everyday gestures and moods that spontaneously emerge when the urgency demands, there are skills in everyone that we often do not know to own or that we cannot express even if we feel their potential presence.
Then, whether it is difficult to reproduce a well-known action or mood, it will be more difficult to reveal those qualities that we often do not know to possess.

How could we face life and working life according to our real abilities, if we are not aware of or we cannot put them to good use?

Fake-it starts with a workshop focused on the pedagogical method called Spot-On, addressed to educators from several European Countries, that employs theatre as a didactic subject. It is oriented to the Neets phenomenon: people that are out of the job market, nor students neither involved in educational path.

Fake It Till You Make It - work detail

Fake It Till You Make It – work detail

Fake It Till You Make It - team

Fake It Till You Make It – team

It is well known that theatre has a great educational and training potential but, often, theatrical didactics is exclusively considered for Theatre as mise en scène, without thinking that a person could get closer to this discipline not necessary to become an actor.
Fake-it proceeds along theatrical education to develop abilities of artistic expression, to improve social relationships, to discover or simply explain our goals, to evaluate and to increase our inclinations and skills, to optimize our resources, to learn to work together and to share expertise with the others, etc.

People unemployed for a long time and that are not involved in other occupations get easily depressed. The loss of self-confidence and trust in people brings to an unavoidable loop of annihilation of our personality, often with tragic consequences.

We all have abilities that are often not express because they are defeated by the environment where we have lived or by people around us. Frequently, a hobby may become a job and a dream may come true, but sometimes we need someone that help us to open again that box where we hid and forgot our dream.

Fake it till you make it!

Written by Gino Marangi