Difficulties in looking for a job

For the project “FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT”, co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of EU, we are creating, with the other partners of the project, a common framework for the analysis of the competencies and of the employability skills of young people and disadvantaged groups.

In Italy, as in all other countries covered by the partnership, we proposed to a group of young people to participate in a focus group on the project topic, hosted by Comincenter, a job center that helps people to learn how to find a job.

We discussed with them some crucial issues and open questions that helped us shaping the needs analysis and a more in depth research.

We asked them what are the difficulties that they are finding in searching for employment, and we focused on age, lack of experience, lack of job opportunities, find occupation related to own skills, to be able to adapt, the needs to experience the mobility and the place where they live.

Among factors that are impacting on their unemployment condition, they recognize personal factors like: lack of self control, lack of self esteem, lack of sense of responsibility, difficulties in overcoming barriers, lack of confidence, intrapersonal intelligence, empowerment.
Social factor like: public speaking, cultural diversity, intercultural competence and for enterprising factor as well as problem solving skill and planning, or how to become a leader.

It’ very important that they really and clearly know what kind of skills they need to work on in order to become more able to find an employment.
Determination and sense of initiative, planning competence, ability to do networking, self assessment evaluation, lack of or too much empathy, self – awareness, ability to listening to yourself.

For these reasons and much more we proposed them to continue the project with us and try to find trough theatre the way to be more ready for the job-world!

All participants have been practising drama at school. For all the experience was very positive.

“Theatre is a powerful way to open your mind”! Said Alessia, when we finished our focus group!

Of course it is! Fake it till you make it.


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