This is an article about the SPOT-ON! youth project, run by Ung Scen Norr.

SPOT-ON! is described as a structured journey from hopeless to hopeful, a personal inner journey.

“We target young people who are unemployed, have not completed upper secondary school and for various reasons are outside of everyone´s responsibility and are outside the labour market. What could be a better way to strengthen young people and give them a push in the right direction than theatre?” says project manager Maria Palo Isaksson.
She continues:”For many of them, this is the first time in a very long time, that they feel that they have succeeded in and contributed to something.”

Spot on the young northern stage

Based on the individuals in the group, and their needs, the drama pedagogues use dialogue, exercises, boundaries, support and encouragement. The toolbox is filled with possibilities and every day is unique to lead the individuals and the processes forward in small steps and with large respect that many are insecure and come with bad experiences. The experiences are positive and many young and parents bare witness to progress that are milestones for the individual. The participants invite family, friends, mentors and other selected individuals to their final show.

But what does theater have to do with the labor market?

Maria replies:“We usually do not talk in those terms, but in SPOT-ON! the participants are in reality developing their social competences, cooperation, entrepreneurial skills, creativity, communication, analysis and leadership. All of which are competences required by employers and necessary to take the next step towards an adult life.”

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